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Studio Setup for Streaming Music

Thanks for the interest in my studio and virtual worlds performance setup. Below, you'll find a list of the equipment used to create the backing tracks for my SL shows. I play each part myself, but guitar is my main instument.

  • AMD based PC
  • MOTU 828 mk3 digital audio interface
  • TASCAM DM-24 digital mixer
  • Yamaha S03 synthesizer
  • Yamaha midi drum kit
  • Grace 101 mic preamp
  • Audio Technica 3035 large diaphram mic
  • Koch TwinTone all tube amp
  • '76 Fender Strat
  • '02 Fender Strat - TrueToneTechnologies Vintage '54 pickups
  • '86 "E" series Squier Telecaster - my custom wound pickups
  • '89 PRS Standard - PRS Dragon pickups
  • '02 MusicMan "Bongo" 5 string bass
  • Cubase 4 Studio recording software
  • Sony Sound Forge 8 audio editing software
  • Halion3 sampling software
  • Stylus RMX drum and percussion software
  • NI B4II organ VST software
  • BBE Sonic Maximizer software


To create my tracks, I start by recording the drum parts on the midi drum kit, which triggers high quality drum samples in Halion3, creating the groove. The next step is to record a piano track that will be either used for the song, or scrubbed if not needed (it's a reference for the rest of the instruments). The most important part - the bass - comes next. Without a steady, thumping bass line, the song doesn't move - doesn't have the "bottom" to get your rump shaking! If horn, organ, percussion, or vocal parts are needed, they happen last. I actually play each part seperately, one at a time! Man, if I didn't love doing it, it would seem like a tedious process - it's a lot of fun that gives me personal satisfaction!

I mix down all the tracks and transfer them to my MP3 player. From there, it gets plugged into a Behringer Xenyx mixer, along with my AT3035 mic and the recording feed from my guitar amp. From the mixer, the signal goes into a Behringer Ultra Curve Pro for broadcasting EQ and compression needed to keep the sound consistant. Then, into the great unknown! - the internet, and finally to the venue in SL - where I hope you'll be shakin' it!



GaryO (Gary Olivas) is a professional musician in the Denver, Colorado area. He is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He also streams live music performances into the massive multi-player online games Second Life© and InWorldz™ under the avatar name of Ganjo Mokeev. His musical styles range from blues, R and B, funk, jazz and rock. He plays his original songs and originally arranged covers.


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